Computational Flow Cytometry Analysis of Marine Phytoplankton

Since 2010, the shipboard underway cytometer SeaFlow has been operated for 14,000 hours across 140,000 km of ocean, collecting over 300,000 samples in surface waters. We have created reproducible analytical methods to uniformly process and curate SeaFlow data. The datasets consist of cell abundance, cell diameter and cellular carbon content of small phytoplankton (< 10 μm), which includes the cyanobacteria Prochlorococcus, Synechococcus and Crocosphaera, and a mixture of unindentified protists.

  • An example dataset representing the compilation of over 69,000 samples collected during 27 oceanographic cruises is available here without restriction.

  • Description of the SeaFlow data can be found in Ribalet et al. 2019.

  • List of available data can be found here.

Funding sources

Project supported by grants from the Simons Foundation (#574495 to FR, #426570SP and #549894 to EVA), NASA (#80NSSC17K0561 to FR) and NSF (#1536120 to EVA).

François Ribalet
Principal Research Scientist

My research interests include phytoplankon ecology, oceanography and flow cytometry.